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About Echo: Brighton

The U.K. Ingress Resistance welcomes you to Brighton for our Echo series Anomaly on May 20th, where we host the first European Ingress Anomaly of 2023, and the only Echo event in Central Europe. This website aims to give you all the information you need to attend, enjoy your weekend and help us win.

Brighton is a beautiful seaside town located at the South Coast of England in East Sussex. It has a rich Victorian history that is visible throughout the city, and is a popular location for day trips and beach holidays, especially for Londoners. It’s easy to reach on national and international transport, has lots of hotels and traditional English Bed and Breakfasts, and there is lots to do besides playing Ingress.

Apart from having a very English beach and a reasonably large version of the typical British seaside town pier sporting amusements, bars and even a full-size roller coaster, Brighton is also known as the LGBTQ+ capital of the UK. It is diverse, colourful and vibrant, with many pubs, bars and theatres. There is always live music going on somewhere, and you can find a great selection of craft beers on offer both in the town centre as well as in local pubs in residential neighbourhoods.

Register: https://brighton.willbe.blue/
Contact: brighton.echo.resistance@gmail.com